Dispute resolved after forensic study


A high profile executive was applying for a leadership role in a company. The company assigned Netrika Consulting the task us to carry out a check on his educational qualifications.


During the course of inquiries, it was found that his education degree was neither affiliated nor accredited between 2011 and 2014, when he had studied at the institution. Further inquiries confirmed that the institution claimed its affiliation to a well-known trust, which was established after the candidate has passed out in August 2014.

The concerns were communicated to the company, which raised the issue with the executive. He told his potential employers that the institute was affiliated to the US University and showed them that the name reflected on the University’s website as a partner institute in India.

The company asked Netrika to get further evidence in the matter. Netrika checked the details on EDGAR, the public databased of the US Securities and Exchange Commission and it was confirmed that the university was not a registered entity. It was also found that the university was not accredited to authorised body in the US.


The fresh details were shared with the company, which asked the executive about it. He confessed to having ‘bought’ the degree from what is often called the ‘Diploma Mill’.