Counterparty Due Diligence

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Counterparty Due Diligence

For any kind of business to succeed, they cannot stay away from third-party assistance. They can make or break the reputation of a company. Hence, organizations need to exercise caution. Carrying due diligence is necessary before you associate yourself with someone else for business. Investing a little in this exercise in the start can save businesses millions in the long run.

As the number and complexity of relationships that a business has with various counterparties increases, through and comprehensive oversight becomes essential to achieve success. Failure to appropriately assess and manage risks of your counterparties can inevitably lead to reputational damage, operational risk, and financial loss in the prevailing landscape of growing regulatory scrutiny and increased demand for transparency and accountability. Due diligence on counterparties has become even more essential as the enforcement of regulations, such as the:

These regulations have made it mandatory to implement counterparty due diligence programmes.

Being among the market leaders in this domain, we carry a deep and comprehensive understanding of conducting rigorous counterparty due diligence through published sources and relevant data collection, in order to identify potential risks and mitigate issues of possible concern.

Our customised approach and analysed output include consent-based due diligence procedures such as:

  • Site visits
  • Interviews
  • Detailed profiling
  • Compliance databases
  • Litigation and regulatory checks along with adverse information

Our team of expert professionals possess deep data collection capabilities through public domain searches and on-ground data collection. We offer various report types to meet a multitude of your requirements.     


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