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Sanjay Kaushik
Sanjay Kaushik

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Sanjay Kaushik
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Sanjay Kaushik
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Director - Security & Risk Consulting

Security And Engineering Design

In an ever-changing world of increased targeted attacks and external threats, security measures must constantly evolve to mitigate risks. Meeting security requirements has consequently become a significant challenge. Netrika Consulting helps customers to ensure that their security solutions are fit for purpose and are effective.

Our services provide in-depth security analyses, recommendations for improvement, design solutions, and budget projections. Our team of professionals have the experience and resources you need to help develop cost-effective and environment-friendly security designs for your organisation’s premises.

Security design is a crucial element of a project that is often overlooked or, on many occasions, incorporated after the building has been constructed. It is a known fact that one tends to save almost 18 per cent on CAPEX, if one incorporates security at the ab-initio stage itself. Netrika offers a complete security design team to help you incorporate security from threat risk assessment, conception, ideas, and planning to designs, layouts, and specifications. We employ a team that understands security design concepts and incorporates the CPTED and social engineering principles so as to help develop aesthetically stunning security designs. Even amount of focus is given to incorporating the latest in trusted technology, CPTED and social engineering principles - help optimise the utilisation of natural elements along with human behavioural aspects, to develop a robust security design.


We offer the following security design services:


  • Security design – greenfield projects
  • Upgrade of existing security system/ design – brownfield projects
  • Security equipment layout and design
  • Review of existing design
  • Project Management - preparation of specifications, tender documents, bid process management and implementation 

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