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Sanjay Kaushik
Sanjay Kaushik

Managing Director


Sanjay Kaushik
Capt Ashok Kutty

Executive DIrector - Security and Risk Consulting


Sanjay Kaushik
Kartik Vig

Director - Security & Risk Consulting

Executive Protection

Executives in business face a variety of threats widely depending on the industry, size of the company, geopolitical locations, and the individual’s overall profile and designation. Our goal is to establish and maintain a safe working and travel environment for our executive clients while maintaining minimum risk. At Netrika, we achieve this by providing executive protection services to support our clients on a global level.

We emphasise exclusively on providing professional security practitioners, who are trained to react to crises and thus protect the interests of our clients at a wide range of commercial events, including sports events, corporate functions, conferences, and AGMs.


Our approach to executive protection includes:


  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment
  • Planning of Itinerary and Schedule (based on projected requirements)
  • Secured & Vetted Transport
  • Contingency Planning

Our expert workforce is committed to protecting the principal 24/7/365 or as necessary at work, at home and while travelling. Our executive close protection programs include the options of covert protection and protective surveillance to minimise intrusions and deter incidents.

We offer competitive rates to ensure you have the protection you desire and deserve. Our security professionals have the required experience, training, and ability to protect you at every turn, regardless of what or how serious the threat against you could be.

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