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Sanjay Kaushik
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Transparency Matters. Evaluate the NGO you plan to support and ensure your contributions are directed to reputable organisations that create genuine positive change.

Key Objectives

  • Verify the legitimacy and legal status of the NGO
  • Assess the NGO's financial stability and transparency
  • Evaluate organisation’s adherence to regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Assess the governance structure and management practices of the NGO
  • Ensure NGO's mission and values align with the donor's objectives

In recent years, the significance of NGO due diligence has grown significantly, particularly in light of instances of mismanagement within India's nonprofit sector. It is imperative to invest time in conducting thorough research and assessment of the NGO you intend to support to ensure that your donations are directed towards reputable NGOs that are genuinely making a positive impact.

NGO Due Diligence

NGO Due Diligence is an assessment for donors to confirm that the NGO they want to donate to has provided correct information and is compliance-driven, with robust internal control systems and policies to timely detect and prevent the misutilisation of funds.

This assessment includes evaluating the organisation’s internal control systems and policies to ensure they are robust enough to promptly identify and prevent any misappropriation of funds. The objective is to provide donors with assurance that their contributions will be utilized effectively and in accordance with the intended purpose.

Netrika’s assessment involves reviewing the organization’s bylaws, examining the composition of its board, understanding the leadership hierarchy, and scrutinizing its financial management procedures.

Service Offerings


By conducting such evaluations, we can ascertain the NGO's commitment to transparency, accountability, and sound governance practices.


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