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Senior Management Due Diligence (SMDD)

Can you trust your business partner’s company management is essential when closing business transactions and performing high-level deals? The answer can prove to be the difference between a successful operation and one that ends up failing. While hiring seniors what one should be most interested in is the reputation of the individual, criminal records, their competency to run the business for which he is being hired, team compatibility, etc. It is important to accurately judge whether he/she are capable of managing targets, and what are his/her ethical standards? Rather than doing a routine background check as done with other employees, an SMDD is more suitable for the task.

Management due diligence helps your business evaluate and understand how different groups within your partner organisation perform their functions in relation to the company’s overall business goals.

Management due diligence also greatly aids in determining the roles of the company’s employees and teams.  It is an informative procedure for people who do not have a direct connection to the organisation. In addition, the importance of due diligence management cannot be understated when evaluating a company as part of a business deal.


We perform the management due diligence with methodologies such as:

  • Online assessment
  • In-person meetings
  • Data analysis

We provide comprehensive due diligence reports for your analysis of the management team, including all potential strengths, areas of improvement, and risks.

Importance of Senior Management Due Diligence At the Time of Acquisitions and Mergers of the Company!

Senior management due diligence can be defined as the process of evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the senior management of the company. It can be considered as one of the best tools for judging how the things work in a company. Senior management or key management due diligence becomes all the more important when certain business deals have to be closed as senior management is supposed to play a crucial role in various business deals.

It will be interesting to note that there is a fine line between anticipated success and sudden failure. Senior management of a company not only influences the performance of various teams of the company but also plays an important role in building an agile and efficient business model. Internal stakeholders of the company can consider this due diligence as an effective tool in for assessing the dynamics of the company and identifying potential risks and threats of investing in the company.

The Process Of Due Diligence For A Business:

If you happen to be an entrepreneur or a purchase person who has his/her sights on the acquisition of a business, it is your right to inspect the financial records, and research that is company activity related. Due diligence services in India enters the picture at this point and ensures that related information is compiled. It also sees if there is a minimum average which will influence your ultimate decision regarding the acquisition or purchase.

Due Diligence Steps

  • The Action Plan: All the parties who are concerned with the deal should agree on what information and issues need to be highlighted so that due diligence is done effectively. The ambit of the issues and information may or may not include structures within the organisation, annual legal reports, shareholding records, personal and company financial records.
  • Reviewing the finances: The Due diligence team makes it a point to carefully go through the balance sheets of the company in addition to annual reports and cash flows too. All the pertinent files are validated with the help of an accountant and the tax office.
  • Asset inspection: If there is a plant and machinery involved in the business, the due diligence team views them as assets, making sure that all of the above are in good working condition. A stock value is recommended before the day of settlement. Insurance plans and policies should also be checked beforehand.
  • Scale of prospects and the supply chain: The Due Diligence Team requests the list of key clients to determine if they are active buyers. Existing contracts should also be scanned to find out if future business is possible. Suppliers also fall within the gaze of due diligence and they are verified to see if outstanding payments remain or if there are settlement invoices.
  • Level of the competition and reason for sale: As an investor, you will be benefit from knowing the exact reasons behind the sale of the company. This will entail a bit of digging around and also observing the competition from other players so that a benchmark can be determined. Industry trends should also not be neglected.

Netrika Consulting India has an expert team of due diligence professionals. They are trained to spot discrepancies in mergers, strategic alliances and acquisitions. Joint ventures, collaborations and partnerships can also be subjected to due diligence. Investigative Due Diligence, Compliance and Governance, Audits, Integrity Checks and Vendor Verification, along with social due diligence are some of the key areas that Netrika.in specializes in.

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