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Senior Management Due Diligence (SMDD)

Can you trust your business partner’s company management is essential when closing business transactions and performing high-level deals? The answer can prove to be the difference between a successful operation and one that ends up failing. While hiring seniors what one should be most interested in is the reputation of the individual, criminal records, their competency to run the business for which he is being hired, team compatibility, etc. It is important to accurately judge whether he/she are capable of managing targets, and what are his/her ethical standards? Rather than doing a routine background check as done with other employees, a SMDD is more suitable for the task.

Management due diligence helps your business evaluate and understand how different groups within your partner organization perform their functions in relation to the company’s overall business goals.

Management due diligence also greatly aids in determining the roles of the company’s employees and teams.  It is an informative procedure for people who do not have a direct connection to the organization. In addition, the importance of due diligence management cannot be understated when evaluating a company as part of a business deal.


We perform the management due diligence with methodologies such as:

  • Online assessment
  • In-person meetings
  • Data analysis

We provide comprehensive due diligence reports for your analysis of the management team, including all potential strengths, area of improvement, and risks.

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