Integrity Check of a High Performer


A global conglomerate with 65,000 employees got a tipoff that a middle management employee was running a parallel business. He was a highly value employee in the organisation with a creditable track record. No details of the parallel business, if any, were available. The company reached out to Netrika Consulting for help in the matter.


As the investigations were being carried out, it was found that the suspect employee was not registering his presence in the office by punching his card regularly. It was later established that it helped him camouflage his absence from work. He was found to be managing the company during office hours and diverting some of the business from the employer’s clients to the parallel business. A former junior employee was found to be lending a helping hand. With diligent investigation, Netrika was able to find out the details of the office, address, number of employees and list of clients.


Even though the employee was one of the high performers in the company, he had failed on counts of integrity. When the company found this out, it made them be careful about every client facing person who was a good performer. The organisation was now open to regular vetting of integrity of some of their employees.