Online Fake Jobs Redressal


A top aviation company was receiving many complaints against an online fake job racket. The job racketeers trapped innocent people who were looking for jobs and took a hefty amount of money from them in the name of Registration/Joining fee so as to process their profiles. They further rolled out a fake job letter to them using the fake letterheads.
Hence, they approached us to get to the roots of this scam and take the necessary enforcement action.

Tasks Performed

The investigation started with the identification of the fake job links on different web portals and social media websites. The scammers were then traced down with the help of web search to find detailed information about them. These perpetrators lured victims not just by embodying themselves as a recruiter from our client’s company but also posting fake job openings. Once everything was verified, we proactively scanned the web again and removed the listings from all job portals and social media websites where the fake job links were found.

Risk Perspective

The owners who post such fake links on different legitimate and illegitimate job portals and social media websites are generally reluctant to respond. It becomes a strenuous task to keep chasing them to remove the listings. Additionally, since it is an online platform, our team members have to ensure that continuous monitoring is done so that the counterfeiters don’t reactivate these links again.


After successful removal of these links, we have been still actively monitoring them to make sure that the counterfeiters don’t post them again. If any of the fake link is reactivated, we take it down in no time.