Online Product Counterfeiting


Our team was approached by a leading apparel company for its counterfeits of jeans being sold in huge number on different e-commerce platforms. The drastic change in online sales is primarily because of the Covid-19 outbreak which has resulted to an overall change in the shopping behaviour amongst consumers. The client tasked us to monitor and remove the listings from all such sites.

Tasks Performed

We started our process by identifying the links on legitimate e-commerce websites and other third-party websites. On further investigation, we found out the names of the owners of these sites and their entire supply chain to understand where they stock the counterfeits. Once everything was examined by our team and the client, the owners or their concerned legal teams were approached to take down their listings from all e-commerce and social media websites.

Risk Perspective

The social media websites or other third-party websites where such fake links are posted are generally reluctant to respond. It becomes a strenuous task to keep chasing them. Additionally, since it is an online platform, our team members have to ensure that continuous monitoring is done so that the links don’t reactivate.


After successful removal of those links from these sites, we have been still actively monitoring them to make sure that the counterfeiters don't post them again. If any of the link is reactivated, we take it down in no time.