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Project Background

The client partnered with Netrika Consulting for locating the movable assets owned by the company when the customers or contract employees stole these assets.


Netrika Consulting assisted the client in executing a thorough investigation and gathering the following information to the legally permissible extent:

  • Identifying the location of the vehicle that the customer has bought on lease from the client.

Procedures Performed

  • Desktop searches
  • Subscribed database searches
  • Field/ Market Intelligence
  • Discreet Enquiries

Key Findings

Investigations for locating the movable assets owned by the client company bring along the following verdict:

  • During ground enquiries, the company found out that the stolen vehicle is still in possession of the customer who leased it.
  • The movable asset was found parked in a barn which is owned by the customer. The flown team successfully traced the address of the barn where the vehicle was found. 
  • The customer was utilizing the vehicle, and it was found in good condition.

Learnings from the Project

  • Desktop research must be performed thoroughly to find the addresses related to the customers/ subject.
  • Market intelligence, when utilized appropriately helps to find the missing asset/ person from the provided address.
  • An online check of the vehicle with the transport authority helps to verify the owner's details, number plate validity, and registration certificate credentials.